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Regenerative Herbalism

Cultivating our relationship with medicinal plants empowers us to create effective, safe, nourishing medicine for ourselves, our families and our communities. Further, it reconnects us with our ancestral medicine ways and with the healing wisdom of the Earth. 

Herbalism is a truly Regenerative Medicine. Learning to grow, tend, harvest and make one’s own medicine not only supports one’s physical being in attaining vital health; it facilitates one’s cultivation of a reciprocal, beneficial relationship with the Earth and her healing energies. It also reconnects us to the lineage of healers who have worked with plant medicine in nearly every culture throughout recorded history.

In this series of weekend workshops, Penny Livingston and Anna O’Malley will explore our human relationship with the healing plant world. They will be joined by California native plant expert and holder of indigenous plant wisdom, Edward Willie, in considering the reciprocal traditions in the tending of the natural world. Drawn from the Hermetic, indigenous and Western Herbal traditions and presented within an ecological, permacultural framework, Regenerative Herbalism explores a deeply connected, empowering approach to caring for your self, your family, your community and our Earth. Practical and hands-on, each session will empower you to make your own medicine and deepen your appreciation of the healing power of Nature.

Covered topics include:

  • Identification, botany and cultivation of medicinal plants

  • California Native plant communities and Ecology

  • Preparation of Plant Medicines:

    • Teas, Oils, Salves, Creams, Tinctures, Elixirs, Hydrosols and Essential Oils

  • Medicinal Food Forests

  • Ethnobotanical and Sociocultural lineage honoring


Dates To Be Announced

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