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Visit Us 

We would love to share the Garden and the Medicine that is being cultivated here. We offer Garden Tours throughout the year, as well as Volunteer Garden Tending days. 


Tending Days 

Our Tending Days offer the opportunity to join in the fun of caring for the Garden. Tending tasks vary with the season, and may include building compost, building a garden bed, pulling weeds (a perennial favorite), tending the orchard, mulching paths. For more information email

Garden Tours 

Join us for a Garden Tour to learn about the history of the Garden, learn a little about the permaculture principles at play here, and experience the feeling of being in a healing Garden. We’ll also share how Natura’s programs offer people the opportunity to be supported by nature on their path of healing, of self-discovery, and of reconnection with the living Earth. Tours are given by donation, which goes to support the care of the garden. 

Spring Garden Party

This May, we will be starting a new tradition--bringing people together in community with each other and with this special place, while enjoying the healing that comes from relaxing in beauty, being nourished by yummy food, and enjoying sweet music and dance. We will be raising funds in support of making healing programs here accessible to all. For more details and to purchase tickets, please visit:


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