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Anna is an Integrative Family and Community Medicine physician, a lover of Nature, a mother of two incredible daughters, and a believer that human beings can find their way back to the Medicine of being in reciprocal relationship with this beautiful Earth. She is moved in knowing that the etymology of “physician” is rooted in the Ancient Greek for “pertaining to Nature”.


On moving to Northern California many years ago to train at UCSF, she found her way into permacultural and environmental circles. Since then she has nurtured a vision of having a healing center grounded in the tenets of permaculture, where individuals and community come together around nourishing body, mind and spirit while listening to the wisdom of nature. Where healers move well beyond “doing no harm” and work for deep healing on every level, including planetary. Where we remember that we are all connected to the life-giving Earth, and are inspired to live into this remembering. Where ecological awareness, profound respect for life, and connection to the source of well-being guides us toward healing and wholeness.


As a Bravewell Fellow graduated from the University of Arizona’s Program in Integrative Medicine, Anna is inspired by working to transform medicine. Her residency training at University of California, San Francisco at San Francisco General Hospital and her work within the California prison system deepened her understanding of the social determinants of health, the beauty of the path of service, and the critical importance of inclusivity. Her practice of Integrative Family and Community Medicine in West Marin allows her the profound privilege of embodying the healer archetype in the village, exploring innovative models applying Community as Medicine, and honoring the mysterious and beautiful cycles of Life.

Anna is profoundly grateful to her teachers, mentors, and supporters, and for the divine love and beauty that guides the unfolding path toward consciousness and healing.

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