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Resilience and Covid-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic is moving through our community here in the Bay Area, and the country. These extraordinary times offer us the opportunity to care for ourselves and each other as though our lives depend upon it. For they do.

There is much we can do: maintaining meticulous hygiene and social distance (no playdates for children or adults) at this time is essential. It is our only chance at preventing an overwhelming amount of critical illness, as is happening in Italy. Nourishing ourselves and thereby supporting our immune system and decreasing systemic inflammation, which plays a role in critical Covid-19 illness, is of central importance.

As we navigate this challenge together, I will post resources and recommendations on this site, and on our listserve. Please join by clicking the link at the bottom if you'd like to receive these updates..

Here are my recommendations for supporting your immune system at this time

Our local Departments of Public Health in Marin and San Francisco are good sources for updates and information. Here are links to their websites:

I'll also share recipes of the things I am making here in my home to support my own immune system, and that of my family, featuring plants that grow in the wild and in the garden that are particularly helpful in this viral pandemic.

With love and care,

Anna O'Malley, MD

Updated May 9, 2020

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