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Pandemic, Coronavirus and Community; updates.


Pandemic, Coronavirus and Community; updates


The Immune System and Coronavirus

Part 1 in four part series on the optimizing the function of your immune system; an overview of how the immune system engages with SARS-Cov2.


Immunity and Sleep

Part 2 in the series: the link between sleep, circadian rhythm, and immune function.


Immunity and Plant Allies (Vegetables and Herbs)

Part 3: phytochemicals in plants play key roles in our immune function.


Immunity, Stress and the Medicine of Nature

Part 4: Stress weakens our immune function. So many aspects of Nature strengthen it. 


Dampening Inflammation

So much of our modern society fans the flames of inflammation. Understanding what this means and dampening it allows us to prevent and even reverse chronic disease.


Breath & Health

Tending the health of our lungs during wildfires, and preparing for the viral cold, flu, and other respiratory illness season. 


Gastrointestinal Health & Wellbeing

Optimal digestion, nutrient assimilation and waste elimination is central to well-being. Learn key practices to support these essential functions.


Bitter/Sweet: Healthy Blood Sugar Balance

Elevated blood sugar accelerates aging, causes inflammation and degeneration of our bodily functions. Learn how to optimize yours!


Garden to Gut: Healthy Soil, Healthy Microbiome and You

Our microbial community in and on and around our bodies effect so much of our wellbeing. Learn how to support this inner community and how their health supports yours.


To the Root: Mind-Body Wellbeing

Exploring the inextricable connection between the health of the body and our mental wellbeing, and vice versa. 


A Healthy Heart

Exploring the electrochemistry and neuroimmunology of how love, connection and gratitude supports a healthy heart, vascular system and relationships.


Food As Medicine

Optimal nourishment, optimal relationship, and true food security

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Grindelia Honey
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