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Preserving Food

Resilience and Food Security

Growing, foraging, gathering and preserving food gives us a practical skill set in personal and collective resilience. In this pandemic time in which so many things are uncertain, these skills also give us agency and can help support our health and vitality throughout the year. 

On these pages we will share recipes and ideas for preserving the nourishing bounty of the natural world and of our gardens.

We'll highlight plant allies that are particularly supportive of our health and wellbeing, optimizing our immune function, and, most importantly, are delicious! We will also share reflections on what is available seasonally, and considerations on how to plan a garden to have plenty of fresh foods in season, an abundance of culinary and medicinal herbs, and to preserve some for the future. 


Pickled Three-cornered Leeks with Turmeric and Thyme

Rose Petal Jam

Anti-inflammatory Plum Chutney

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