Full Moon Fire Circle
**The rains have returned! What a joyous, welcome reality...We will resume our full moon fire circles November 19th.

Over time and across geographical space our human family has circled around fires. Inviting contemplation, story, community and wisdom sharing, a fire circle creates an opening into deep connection. 

The Full Moon Fire Circles in the Commonweal Garden are intergenerational, held in deep appreciation of the presence and wisdom of elders. We welcome people of all ages into the contemplative space. Continuing the tradition initiated with the Elder Fires, and in collaboration with Black Mountain Circle, we are cultivating the cultural medicine of connecting with story, each other, and our elemental nature.

***Please let us know you will be coming by emailing us at This allows us to set up enough chairs, and to fulfill our public health responsibility in case of need for contact tracing. We will be limiting attendance to 20; please do RSVP.

***COVID update: at this time (November, 2021) the amount of COVID in our Bay Area communities has decreased to a level that allows us to convene outdoors in small numbers, without masks. We encourage people to be completely immunized. Please do not come if you have any signs of illness, at all. We will hold a safe and welcoming space for all people; if you are unimmunized please perform a rapid test before coming to the fire circle. Please do wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so.

*Please note that this event takes place on wood-chipped paths, with port-o-potties that have a step.

January 17th-Cancelled due to prevalence of COVID in community at present.


February 16th


March 18th


April 16th


May 15th