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Toward Symbiosis
Restorative Retreat on the Land
facilitated by James Stark and Anna O'Malley
The great gift of being alive at this planetary moment invites us into walking the path of service--to life, to healing, to community, to justice, to those who come after us. To the Earth. 
It invites reflection on the sacred question "what is mine to do?" 
As we gradually emerge into a post-pandemic existence, it is a particularly potent time to reflect on how we are living our lives. Are we living with intention? On purpose? What do we do with our precious life energy now? 
On this retreat you will be held by the land in and around the Commonweal Garden as you cleanse and settle into clear presence and receptivity. Held the weekend of Earth Day, this retreat in the nourishing sanctuary of the Garden will support you in clarifying your vision for a resilient, regenerative life on our Earth, and what next steps you'll take toward living aligned "with life."
We will weave time with each other with contemplative time connecting with the land. Each participant will have their own intimate space within the garden. Tucked under a redwood, into a plum grove, in a fern glade, or under ceanothus canopy, the camping spots allow for an intimate relationship with place. From this home base we will move between facilitated engagement with each other, with meaning and vision, and with the many forms of medicine that come from a reciprocal relationship with the natural world.
We will provide cleansing food throughout the retreat, largely sourced from the land, including lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Hot water for tea will be provided throughout the weekend. 
Preparatory materials leading up to the cleanse will allow our bodies to be ready for this experience.
We have two options: tent platforms (four) or camping on the Earth (six sites). While all of the sites are quite special, the platforms have a bit more space around them. Each site, whether on a platform or on the Earth, has been prepared to allow for privacy and depth of connection.
We will provide a tent and plush sleeping pad. Participants provide their own sleeping bag and pillow.
Registration is limited to ten participants. 
Special consideration is being given to creating a COVID-safe experience for all participants. Thank you for understanding the public health constraints and our commitment to our collective well-being. We ask that all participants have received at least one COVID immunization before the retreat.
Saturday, April 24 at 10 am through Sunday, April 25 at 4 pm
Registration details:
On a sliding scale from $260 to $400, which includes all meals.
(Registration will close on Friday, April 16th in order to prepare.)
Tent and plush sleeping pad are included. 
Participants supply their own sleeping bags and pillows.
We do have limited funds to support those in need. Please inquire at
Please consider donating in support of another participant if you are able and so moved.
Thank you!
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