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Art of Vitality 

Aligned with the seasons, Art of Vitality is an immersive program in transformative well-being, of vitality on a personal, interpersonal, and ecological level. Drawing on emerging science and the essence of that which heals, we are building community around vitality and deep nature connection. Co-taught by Anna O’Malley and James Stark.

Four Seasons Permaculture Design Course

Continuing the globally-recognized Permaculture Design Course taught in the Commonweal Garden, now under the experienced guidance of Lydia Nielsen, participants will apply the principals of self-sustaining ecological systems to integrated homes and gardens, sustainable energy and water systems, healthy communities and economies, and a conscious inner landscape.

Community Medicine Garden

Embodying a vibrant model of community-based, nature-placed, wellness-oriented Medicine. Offering quarterly explorations in the foundations of well-being, the ecology of healing, and the application of Medicine sourced from nature, connection, and wholeness. Directed by Anna O’Malley, in collaboration with Coastal Health Alliance. 

Regenerative Herbalism

Cultivating our relationship with medicinal plants empowers us to create effective, safe, nourishing medicine for ourselves and our families. Further, it reconnects us with our ancestral medicine ways and with the healing wisdom of the Earth. Offerings range from day-longs, three day weekends, and family herbalism weekends. Co-taught by Anna O’Malley and Penny Livingston. 

Retreats for Healers

We are growing a movement dedicated to a Medicine that allows healers to be well, does not harm the Earth, and yields stronger, more resilient communities. We offer retreats for those in training and those seeking renewal in their practice of medicine and self-care. As we connect with each other, we reweave an ecology of healing for ourselves and those we serve, and return to right relationship with our living Earth.

Cultural Wellness 

Evolving day-long and weekend offerings reconnecting us to cultural wholeness. Ranging from programs in instrument-making, music as medicine, intergenerational wisdom circles, rites of passage honoring, we will reawaken to our ancestral, human lineage of cultural wellbeing.

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