Program Director, Four Seasons

Through her business Rehydrate the Earth, Lydia Neilsen works on a practical and consciousness-based level to teach and implement techniques for ecosystem revitalization. Lydia educates individuals and communities in the creation of stunning regenerative designs including do-it-yourself scale earthworks for water infiltration, productive water conserving polyculture landscapes, soil building, greywater and other Earth healing strategies. She listens to the land and its inhabitants to facilitate the creation of vibrant, energetically alive, functionally beautiful habitats. 

In addition to Rehydrate the Earth, Lydia teaches as part of several Bay Area Permaculture Design Courses and is a PINA certified Permaculture Educator. Most significantly, since 2007, Lydia has been a lead teacher for the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI) Four Seasons Permaculture Course at Commonweal Garden in Bolinas, and has been the Program Manager since 2011. She is excited to continue her teaching and learning with Natura in the next phase of leadership at Commonweal Garden.

Upcoming Events

Permaculture Design Certificate: Starting in February 2021

Resilience Wayfinding:

Starting in January 2021



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