Doug has been teaching outdoor education to babies, kids, adults and himself professionally since 2006. With the land as the main teacher, he seeks to facilitate opportunities for teachable moments.
While farming in Turkey he was given a threadbare copy of The one straw revolution, by Mansanobu Fukuoka. That sent his agricultural pursuits down a permaculture path that included bioremediation projects in New Orleans after Katrina, Spending a season on a biodynamic farm in upstate New York with teenagers, and working with native plant habitat restoration in San Francisco. He most recently co-founded a non-profit (Marin Youth Ecology and Stewardship).
Doug is also a passionate fermenter, forager, medicine maker, builder and bodyworker. In his free time you can try to find him holding his breath under a body of water, hiding from his kids behind rocks or napping in a tree

Permaculture for Kids Co-Instructor

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