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Community Medicine Circles 

Our human bodies have tremendous natural capacity to heal. As we learn to give our precious, miraculous beings that which we need to function optimally, we bring ourselves back into balance and embody wellness. The tide of the "chronic disease" epidemic ravaging our communities could be turned if we collectively learned to nourish ourselves and each other, and supported each other in the foundational work of behavior change. 

Reimagining the role of physician in society and in community, Dr. Anna O'Malley facilitates monthly medicine circles in the Garden. The Latin root of the word "doctor" means "teacher"; it is the sacred responsibility of the physician to empower through sharing how our bodies work, and how to bring them back into balance. What happens when this information is freely shared while building community?

These monthly circles are held in collaboration with the Coastal Health Alliance, are open to all members of the community, and are free of charge. Bring a friend. Donations in support of the Garden are gratefully received. 


Winter-Spring 2020 Schedule:

**In person circles postponed until further notice; stay tuned**

Please see our online community medicine circles here.

*Please note that this event takes place on wood-chipped paths, with port-o-potties that have a step.

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